Templates: Moulder Knives

    Pictured : Sample Template                                                                Pictured : CNC Template making Router


With our CNC technology Template maker allows us to make an exact duplication of a wood sample or customer Drawing, with our advanced CAD skills to design and one day turnaround time, made from very durable Cast Acrylic , the same Template can be used multiple times .

Ashcroft Saw and Tool offers a sophisticated template program tailored to fit the needs of each customer. As a standard we offer a acrylic templates duplicated from a CAD drawing, sketch or wood sample. All templates are made to 10mm axial constant unless otherwise specified. All templates can be labeled with a name or identification number.

 Weinig's : 10mm Axial constant .

Wadkin : ¼’’ Axial constant

Scmi : ¼’’ Square Notch at fence side


Template Production (If ordered without knives) Price USD
Profile Template / Plastic Custom Profile $34.50
Profile Template / Existing Profile





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