CNC Straight Bits

CNC Straight Bits


F- Supplied with Carbide Flat Bottom Boring Point

V- Supplied with Carbide Vee Bottom Boring Point

CED: Cutting Diameter       CEL: Cutting Length      OAL: Overall Length     SHK: Shank Diameter

For high-volume production work with a CNC router, use one of these plunge-cutting straights. Open-flute design promotes rapid chip clearance, necessary for high feed rates. Right-hand configuration for standard clockwise rotation.


Title: CNC Straight Bits
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CDCLSHKOALFlutes Price Ready To Buy
1/2"1 1/4"1/2"2 7/8"Single$16.81Quantity:

1/2"2"1/2"4 1/8"Single$20.73Quantity:

1/2"1 1/4"1/2"2 7/8"Double$17.78Quantity:

1/2"1 1/2"1/2"3 1/8"Double$19.56Quantity:

1/2"2"1/2"4 1/8"Double$27.64Quantity:

5/8"1 1/4"5/8"3"Double$25.48Quantity:


3/4"1 1/4"3/4"3"Double$25.48Quantity:

3/4"1 1/2"3/4"3 1/4"Double$27.64Quantity: