Dado Bits

Dado Bits

CED: Cutting Diameter       CEL: Cutting Length      OAL: Overall Length     SHK: Shank Diameter

Fed up with gaps and sloppy joints when you rout grooves and dadoes for plywood joints?
Our plywood Dado bits match the true thickness of plywood, producing tight, accurate joints.

Title: Dado Bits
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CEDPlywoodCELOALShkFlute Price Ready To Buy

31/64"1/2"3/4"2 1/4"1/4"Double$21.41Quantity:

19/32"5/8"3/4"2 1/4"1/4"Double$21.41Quantity:

23/32"3/4"3/4"2 1/8"1/4"Double$24.45Quantity:

7/32"1/4"/5.5mm3/4"2 3/4"1/2"Double$28.16Quantity:

15/64"15/64"/6mm3/4"2 3/4"1/2"Double$28.16Quantity:

31/64"1/2"1"2 5/8"1/2"Double$19.51Quantity:

19/32"5/8"3/4"2 1/4"1/2"Double$23.27Quantity:

23/32"3/4"1"2 1/2"1/2"Double$23.73Quantity: