Staggertooth Bits

Staggertooth Bits

CED: Cutting Diameter       CEL: Cutting Length      OAL: Overall Length     SHK: Shank Diameter

Two cutting edges spaced 180 degrees apart, each half the length of its flute.One extends from the tip to the middle of the flute, the other from the middle toend. The configuration combines the cutting speed and chip clearance of a single-flute bit with the finish of a double-flute bit. Excellent bit for cutting denseor abrasive man-made materials and panel goods

Title: Staggertooth Bits
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CEDCELOALShank Price Ready To Buy
3/8"1 1/2"3 1/8"1/2"$24.04Quantity:

1/2"2 1/8"4"1/2"$27.96Quantity:

1/2"2 5/8"5 1/2"1/2"$57.76Quantity: