Up/Down Staggertooth Bits

Up/Down Staggertooth Bits



Industrial Grade Whiteside Router Bits

CED: Cutting Diameter       CEL: Cutting Length      OAL: Overall Length     SHK: Shank Diameter

A stagger-tooth bit has two cutting edges, each only half the flute length, located180° apart, one high, one low. The result is a tool that combines the speed andchip clearance of a one-flute bit with the strength and balance of a two-flute bit.This “opposite-shear” configuration features a down-shear edge and an upshear edge. On a through-cut, it shears down on both surfaces at the same time.
It is excellent for working double-sided melamine, plywood, laminates, and veneers, as well as solid-surface materials.


Title: Up/Down Staggertooth Bits
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