Custom Ground Pattern insert Knives

Custom Ground Pattern insert Knives

Ashcroft Saw and Tools is a leading Manufacture of Replacement Carbide Inserts for the woodworking and plastic industries. All Inserts are ground on the world finish CNC equipment including the UTMA P20 Profile Grinder . We can match any sample insert or pattern provided  by customer

New or Replacement inserts we can manufacture and ship with ONE week .

   Pictured : UTMA P20 CNC grinding 


Custom Ground Inserts For:

Raised Panel Cutters
Stile & Rail Cutters
Tongue & Groove Cutters

 Replacement edge bander inserts

 Replacement Moulder Profile Inserts



Benefits of Insert tooling

Quick replacement of inserts for shorter downtime
Accuracy - consistent profiles and diameters
Reduced Maintenance - less expensive to buy inserts
     than to retip.

Insert tooling is more accurate than carbide tipped tooling

Different grades of carbide and cast cobalt alloys available



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