Amana Mamba Saw Blades

Amana Mamba Saw Blades


Amana Mamba™ Thin Kerf Contractors Series Saw Blades
Explore the Mamba™ Thin Kerf Contractor Series Saw Blades by Amana. These high quality contractor blades come in a variety of sizes and types to fit the job you need.

  • Thin Kerf
    Requires less horsepower and reduces stock loss
  • Tri-Foil Brazing
    Ultra-Strength bonding process which consists of silver & copper, allows carbide tips to endure extreme impact for added durability & overall blade life.
  • Stabilizer Vents
    Reduces noise & vibration emitted during use and helps blade run smoother
  • Expansion Slots
    Allows blade to expand and contract during operation to prevent blade warpage
  • Laser Cut Plate
    Plate is laser cut and annealed for greatest accuracy and perfect tooth alignment. Roll tensioned to ensure true & flat plate for pin straight cut.
  • Laser Cut Bore
    Bore is laser cut to ensure rotation accuracy and less vibration which allows for maximum blade life.


Title: Amana Mamba Saw Blades
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8- 8 1/2"5/8"24$35.78Quantity:

8 1/2"5/8"60$65.06Quantity: