Sharpening Services

Maintaining sharp and clean cutting tools is important. Ashcroft Saws & Tools realizes that many companies depend on getting a large amount of use out of cutting tools. Servicing cutting tools is how Ashcroft Saws & Tools began, and we have continued our commitment in providing excellent sharpening services.

Ashcroft Saws & Tools can sharpen a full array of cutting tools. Please Note we sharpen only industrial grade Tooling for mostly Woodworking , Food , Metal Working , Paper , Tree Service , Millworks Industry . ( All Ground to Factory Spec. with CNC machinery )

Our pickup and delivery service has its own service network covering our Route areas as well. Please call for details to see if your location is our Routes. 


As a quality-aware tool manufacturer we repair/ service all of your tools. We also offer on-site Tech Support on all your tooling needs Please Call Derek or Scott for Details

Below is a list of just some of the tools we can service. If you have a tool and are not sure if we can service it for you, please feel free to give us a call at (919)876-3223

  • Corrugated Back Mouder Knives
  • Chipper Knives ( Tree Industry )
  • Carbide Retipping Service ( Router Bits, Shaper cutters and Lots More )
  • Router Bits – Solid Carbide CNC , HSS, and Carbide Tipped
  • Solid carbide Inserts
  • Insert Heads
  • HSS and Carbide Tipped Pattern Knives
  • Saw Blades – Sharpening and Tip Replacement
  • Groovers
  • Hoggers
  • Dado Sets
  • Hammer and Tensioning of Blades
  • Brazed Cutters – Sharpening and Tip Replacement
  • Planer Knives
  • Paper Cutting Knives
  • Pendu Log Cutters
  • Williams & Hussey Knives

Send us your Bits, Blades, & Tools via UPS, FedEx or Priority Mail.

The blades must be well protected with cardboard or other packing material between the blades.    


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