Flush Trim - 2 Flute

Flush Trim - 2 Flute


CED: Cutting Edge Diameter CEL: Cutting Edge Length OAL: Overall Length

                Designed to provide a smooth finished edge on dense, abrasive and laminated materials. A ball

                Bearing guide assists free cutting action. Excellent for hand-fed applications.


Industrial Grade Whiteside Router Bits


Title: Flush Trim - 2 Flute
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3/8"1"1/4"2 5/8"$20.12Quantity:

3/8"1/2"1/4"2 1/8"$19.13Quantity:

1/2"1"1/4"2 5/8"$20.12Quantity:

1/2"1/2"1/4"2 1/8"$19.13Quantity:

3/8"1"1/23 1/8"$21.41Quantity:

1/2"1"1/2"3 1/4"$20.94Quantity:

1/2"1/2"1/2"2 3/4"$20.18Quantity:

1/2"1 1/2"1/2"3 5/8"$25.22Quantity:


3/4"1 1/4"1/2"3 1/4"$29.52Quantity: