Laminate Trim Bit

Laminate Trim Bit

CED 1/4"
CEL 1/4"
OAL 1 1/2"
SHK 1/4"
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CED:   Cutting Edge Diameter  CEL: Cutting Edge Length    OAL:  Overall Length  SHK: Shank


Industruial grade Solid Carbide Trim Bits give you quick, clean, straight edges .  The ideal laminate trimming bits for high-volume production!
Solid carbide and integral pilot (no bearing to maintain) extend life of bit, slim configuration reduces vibration. Also known as "bullet router bit".

Suitable for routers and trimmers                                                                                            

  • Better chip evacuation                                   
  • Superior cutting quality and extended tool life
  • Extra wear resistance
  • Allows for faster feed and speed rates
  • Cutting edge protected from wear                               
  • Less heat build up


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